Yes, it does cost money!

    Did you ever wonder how much it costs to operate a dig such as Tel Beth-Shemesh?

    Well, it's not inexpensive!

    But let's narrow that down to a couple of areas:

    — Each year Dr. Manor takes several people with him to assist in the excavation. Each person pays a fee to partiticapte in the dig. This covers dig expense, room, and board, and for the 4-week period it can be $2,500 - $2,700, and it typically increases each year. Each person also pays their airfair. (None of this money goes to Dr. Manor.)

    — There are expenses associated with the dig, and periodically Dr. Manor raises money to assist with these expenses. This year Houston attorney Mark Lanier made the purchase of the quadcopter drone and camera possible. (See the story about the drone.)

    We're not asking you to pay someone's expenses over there, but we would like to be able to offer scholarships of $500 or $1,000 to help people with their expenses. (Now if there is someone whose expenses you want to pay, who are we to stop you?!)

    Will you make a donation so that this work can continue?


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